Useful Information

Kindly take note of information brought home by your child.

SCHOOL FEE is collected in advance at the end of every term.  A notice will be issued before that.  Payment by CHEQUE is preferred.  Children who are taking the school transport can have their fee brought in by the bus Drivers or Attendants.  Indicate clearly on the envelope the amount of payment enclosed, name of child/class.

a) If your child is taking the SCHOOL BUS, please have him/her ready and waiting for the bus by the scheduled time given by the Driver.  Your co-operation is necessary in order for the children to be in school punctually and on time for the Assembly.
b) Kindly notify the Driver or the School Office if you intend to fetch your child home on a particular day.  Otherwise he/she will be sent up the Bus.
c) Negotiation and agreement regarding the transport fee is strictly between the Bus Operator and parent.
d) Our School Bus Operators are registered with the Land Transport Authority.

a) Hair – Boys are to keep hair neat and short.
Girls are to have their hair short and tidy.  Long hair must be properly tied up or plaited.
b) Uniform – Children are to wear their school uniform on school days; except when they are
 celebrating their Birthdays or on Party Days.
a) Shoes – White school shoes are to be worn.
b) Jewelry (whether genuine or imitation) is NOT to be worn to school.  The Kindergarten &/or teacher shall not be responsible for any loss of such items.

a) ASSEMBLY – Children are to be in school by 8.00am (1st Session), and 12.00noon (2nd  Session) for the daily Assembly.
b) No stickers, toys, sweets, coins & etc are to be brought to school.  Items will be taken away after ONE warning.
c) All personal belongings, eg cap, water-bottle, sweater, & etc must have the child’s name written or sewn on.
d) Kindly keep your child at home if he/she has a fever, cold, or any infectious disease.  If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday, please notify the Class Teacher or the Office ahead of time.
e) Please report to the Office first if you wish to fetch your child before the dismissal time.